The Galactica vs Trek Panel.
I mostly giggled through it.
He's ever so charming in person. And that's Richard in the background.
He was the main reason for the giggling. Very naughty fellow.

This Jack had his act down perfectly. we saw him in two different costumes and he was always perfectly tipsy.

These Replicants also had their attitude down.


We found a lot to satisfy our interest in The Venture Brothers.

There were all sorts of Monarchs.

All of them were very menacing, or about as menacing as the real thing.

There was an excellent Dr. Venture.

I'm not sure how he found an outfit that color.
And then there were a few Dr. Girlfriends. She was the only one we caught on camera.

Beeker was very popular.


And these ladies were among many fine comic book characters.  Most looked great in their outfits.

We didn't know who they were, but they looked fabulous.,%20etc..html